About Nick



Hi! I'm Nick and I create custom illustrated stories. Here's why.


who's this nick guy what does he make?

I love making things. I make all kinds of things, from dining room tables to clay figurines to wry lunch bag drawings.

But mostly, I make custom illustrations for clever and thoughtful gift-givers. 

  • Custom birthday cards? Check.
  • Custom wedding gifts? Check.
  • Custom wedding invitations? Check.
  • Custom anniversary gifts? Check.
  • Custom Christmas cards? Check.
  • Custom greeting cards? Check.
  • Custom housewarming gifts? Check.

I've been drawing for as long as I can remember, having crafted countless illustrations over the years.



Much like you, I've been invited to a lot of weddings.

But when the time came to pick a gift from the registry, I was always a bit hesitant to click the BUY button. Sure, they might need a new toaster, but would it be a memorable gift

So instead of giving another forgettable registry gift, I'd create an illustration of the couple that captured who they are and how they fell in love. It's always fun and unique offering, and doesn't come with a gift-receipt. It's a piece of myself given to them that they can cherish for the rest of their lives.

I'd love to do the same for you!



A piece of art is more than just lines and color and shape - it tells a story.

It's much more than a simple portrait of what you look like - it's a glimpse into who you are, what makes you you, and what makes your relationship truly unique. By crafting stories from the tales you tell me, it's more fun for you, me, and your friends and family!

It's the small, subtle moments of a relationship that shape us as much as the big photo-worthy accomplishments. I love crafting artwork that captures the true essence of a person, a couple, or a family (including our furry friends).

That's why I chose to illustrate custom stories rather than more generic portraits.



With nearly everyone I know owning their own custom illustration made by me, I decided to turn my attention to the world at large. I made this site to connect, collaborate, and create custom illustrated stories for anyone who wants a unique gift crafted with love and care.

Let me know what I can create for you and let's make some beautiful custom artwork, together!